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Welcome to the SCC 2023 golf season.  My name is Don Patton and I am looking forward to my second year as Commissioner.  I was first introduced to SCC golf when my son played in the early years of the program.  He and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience since it was a great way to provide boys and girls the opportunity to learn fundamentals of the game, get a taste of competition, and most importantly at this young age, to have fun. 

Commissioner golf background:  I played high school golf, followed by college golf at Bradley University.  I recently completed my sixth year as an assistant coach for the Brother Rice golf team. I enjoy coaching this great game to many who joined the program from the beginner level to those who had much more golf experience.

Key Dates:

  • Preseason Coaches Meeting: – to be scheduled for early March at a location to be determined.  Coaches will be notified via email or text as we approach March for details.
  • Season dates: – 5 Sundays – April 16; April 23; April 30; May 7; Championship on May 21.  Every effort will be made to play on these dates, however since Spring weather in our area can be difficult at best, play may need to be cancelled as weather forecasts / conditions dictate.  Any threat of lightning or severe weather will result in immediate stoppage of play.  Each school’s coach will be responsible for escorting their players off the course if this situation arises.

Golf Course:  The Meadows in Blue Island.  Tee times from 12:00 – 4:00.  Fees charged by The Meadows TBD and must be paid prior to each round.

Coaches Responsibilities:

  • Ensure players have paid green fees and arrive at the first tee 10 minutes in advance of assigned tee time.  Groups will not wait for late arrivals.
  • Encourage players to play quickly (limit practice swings to maximum of 1 or 2) and count ALL strokes (inform them whiffs count as a stroke).  
  • Golf has too many rules as it is, and no one at their age is expected to know most, but please do your best to teach some basic rules.   We want the players to learn some rules for their benefit.
  • Scorecards:
    • Obtain scorecards from the Pro Shop, then input player first name initial, last name and school.
    • Each player will keep the score of a player from another school in their group.  They also should keep their own score to ensure accuracy when comparing scores at the end of the round.
    • After players leave the green on each hole, every player must communicate their score to the person keeping their score.
    • After players finish the 9th hole, they should walk to a safe area behind or to the side of the 9th green.  Players then proceed to double-check their scores on each hole, total the score for 9 holes, and sign the scorecard.
    • Each coach is required to collect scorecards from each of their players and double-check totals on each card.
    • Coaches will then enter their participants names and scores on a team scoresheet (to be provided).  The team scoresheet shall be submitted to the Commissioner at The Meadows, or a photo of each team scoresheet can be texted to me (708-638-7927) before leaving the course or no later than the end of the day.    

      Participants:  A maximum of 120 players will be allowed each week due to limited tee times and pace of play.  If more than 120 players register for the program and commit to play in a particular week, tee times will be prorated on a basis to be discussed at the coaches meeting in March.  All boys and girls must be in 8th grade.

      Format of Play (all 9-holes):

      Since weather for the first 2 weeks can be cold and players have not played all winter, we will play 2 different “Spring Training” events.  These are intended to be fun events that will give the players experience in playing different formats of play.  

      • MAXIMUM SCORE PER HOLE IS 8.  In an effort to keep the pace of play moving for all participants, once a player has taken 7 shots and the player has not holed-out, the player shall pick-up his / her ball and score an 8 on that hole.  

      Spring Training – 2 rounds:

      • April 16 – Team two-person SCRAMBLE (teammates hit tee shots, then proceed to pick the ball they would like to hit their next shots from, all the way until one putt is holed). Two different schools will play in each foursome.
      • April 23 – Team two-person BEST BALL (teammates play their own ball on each hole.  Only the best score among the teammates is recorded on the scorecard.  Two different schools will play in each foursome.

      Regular Season Stroke Play Rounds – 2 Rounds:

      • April 30 and May 7 – Each player plays their own ball.  Two different schools will play in each foursome.  In an effort to maximize the number of players rounds this season, all players are eligible to play on Championship Sunday May 21 (NO CUTS).


      Championship Sunday Final Round:  

      • May 21 – Each player plays their own ball.  Two different schools will play in each foursome and each school will record the score of the other team as well as their own score.  Scores from the Regular Season rounds will not carryover to the Championship, similar to the IHSA Championship.


      Awards to be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams and individuals, for both boys and girls divisions. 

      Team scores will be determined by counting the 4 lowest boys scores for the team score (similar to IHSA) and 2 lowest girls scores for the team score.

Coaches, please text or send an email to me stating your 1) name, 2) school, 3) cell # and 4) email address.  I will create a coaches contact list and distribute to all.   My contact information is detailed below.

Thank you and let’s have a great 2023 season for all participants!

Don Patton contact information:

Cell: 708-638-7927      Email: